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Counter Offers

Receiving a counter offer is like being asked to be a bridesmaid… flattering at first, but ultimately a pain in the ass.  Here’s the good news, you can decline a counter offer:   It’s not you, it’s me… While counter offers feel flattering and a boost to the ego is nice, the reality is that…


Steady Eddie vs the Blue Flamer . . . and Why You Need Them Both on Your Team

Every company has them, the Steady Eddies and the Blue Flamers. But not every company is smart enough to treat them with the respect they deserve. A company without the right mix of both is not functioning optimally.   The Blue Flamer   You’ve seen her. Prepared for anything that comes her way; she often has the answer…


Ten New Things to Try at Work this Week

*Originally Published –  April 20, 2015 Feeling a little overwhelmed, or worse yet, underwhelmed at work?  Is it time to shake things up, get the creative juices stirring, bring some passion back to your nine-to-five? Spring is here.  In my northern hometown it’s still a bit chilly (it will dip below freezing again tonight.  Sigh).  But…