How to Find Passion in Work (2022)

Work Life

A person spends, on average, 35% of their waking hours at work. Given that the average work period is 50 years, that is a significant amount of time to spend, especially if you’re doing something that doesn’t fulfill you. Finding passion and fulfillment at work doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working your dream job — not all of us can be astronauts or professional ice cream testers. Finding your passion in work is about mindset, making choices that will help you grow, and committing to finding fulfillment in everything you do. 

Steps to Finding Passion in Work

We’ve put together a few important steps to take if you’re seeking to find passion for your work. Whether you’re looking for a new job or you want to renew your passion for work in an existing job, these steps can do wonders for finding fulfillment from work.

Seek a Career that Interests You

A lot of the time we will pursue a career that we know will pay well, has a lot of opportunities where we live, or is something those around us are pressuring us to pursue. Although these can have merit in decision-making, it is important to follow a path that you are interested in. You don’t have to be excited by 100% of the field or industry, but it’s important that there are some things that make you excited to work. This can be easier if you’re looking for a job, as you only need to apply for positions that you find interesting. If you’re already in a position and aren’t ready or willing to move elsewhere, try making a list of the most interesting parts of your job. Ask your family and friends what they find interesting about what you do and look for the positives of your work. 

Keep a Notebook of Your Daily Highlights

It’s easy to become incredibly negative about our jobs. One bad meeting with a client or argument with a coworker, and the entire workplace feels like torture. In order to find renewed passion for your work, jot down every positive highlight from your day. Whether you had a great conversation at lunch, you received feedback for a job well done, or you simply hit no red lights on your commute to work, write it all down to make sure you see the positive in your day. If you find yourself getting down, reread your past highlights and try to come up with something new to add to get yourself out of the negative headspace. 

Examine Yours Strengths and Capitalize on Them

Think about what you’re good at, make a list of all your strengths that contribute to a great workplace environment. If some of your strengths aren’t being used, find ways to use them. You can talk with managers about taking on different and additional tasks, offering to help your coworkers if they need it, or even planning extra curricular activities or growth opportunities in the workplace. Try suggesting Lunch and Learns where you can share your skills with others and learn from them too!

Help Others Advance

A great way to reignite your passion for work is to take on a role of mentorship. If you find yourself feeling stagnate, helping others grow can bring a new kind of fulfillment to your professional life, as well as make a positive impact on your mentee. Helping the next generation grow and learn will not only allow you to find fulfillment as a teacher, but you may also learn new techniques and ideas!

Remove the Noise

If you find yourself overwhelmed and unfulfilled in work, sometimes removing the noise (whether that’s literal, verbal distractions or other items in life that are causing stress) can do wonders to help you find more passion for work. Declutter your desk and office space and make a point of ensuring you feel comfortable where you work. Throw away everything that has no value to you, unsubscribe from annoying vendor lists, get yourself to a zero inbox, find a way to create a safe and comfortable space that you will feel productive in. These steps can help you feel more fulfilled. 

Do Not Fear Change

If you are ready for a career change, be open to it. Whether you need to move to a different position in the same company or find a completely different industry, allow yourself to be open to change without fear. Very few individuals stay in the same career their entire lives. Younger generations are changing jobs more and more. If you’re thinking about a new career and pursuing other passions to bring fulfillment to your life, allow yourself to do so without fear. 

Why is a Passion for Work Important?

It’s important to feel passionate about what you do for many different reasons. Most importantly, being passionate about your work is good for your mental health. Not only does it help you feel more fulfilled during the work day, but enjoying your career provides you with more energy and excitement for things outside of work. People who hate their jobs are less likely to have fulfilling hobbies or goals than those who do enjoy their work. Dissatisfaction with work also puts you at more risk for ill health, troubles in the home, and general dissatisfaction with life. If you are feeling unfulfilled in your career, try your best to change your mindset and renew your passion. Are you looking for job agencies in Edmonton?

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