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As one of Alberta’s leading premium recruitment agencies, we understand that finding the right position is no simple task. At Recruitment Partners, our aim is not to simply meet your expectations, but to exceed them. From connecting with thriving, growing businesses, to continually adding to our pool of rewarding, outstanding career opportunities, and providing genuine, personalized support throughout the interview and job acceptance and on-boarding process, Recruitment Partners offers a simply unparalleled experience. Whether you are just starting out, or looking to make a change after decades in your current role, Recruitment Partners has a proven, trusted solution for you.

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Write a Killer Resume

Your resume is your chance to intrigue your potential employer. Ditch the MS Word template and meaningless industry jargon and make your first impression count.

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Ace the Interview

Preparation is paramount. Learn everything you need to know to put you best foot forward.

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Counter Offers

They called you back? Yay! You’re not thrilled with what they have to say? Boo! Learn important industry tips to help you earn what you know you deserve.

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Dress For Success

Download our quick guide to professional dress for men and women; An invaluable resource to help you look your best for the role you deserve.

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“I moved to Edmonton in July and consulted with three different recruiting companies. …Recruitment Partners found me options more quickly than the other companies, checked in more often, and did an incredible job of matching me with employment that suited my background/interests. I started on contract with my current employer just three weeks after moving to Edmonton because of RPI and now have a fantastic permanent position. I am beyond grateful for their assistance.”A. Gilroy


I’ve been dealing with Recruitment Partners for the past 2 years and have nothing but high praise for them. I highly recommend anyone seeking employment, to work with this agency. They are highly professional, extremely helpful and always in contact with you throughout the recruitment process. They always had my interests in mind, when finding me placements. They spoke on my behalf and negotiated my terms and were very successful in achieving what I had requested. All in all, they blew every other agency I’ve worked with out of the water. Highly recommended!”A. Bilhete


“My experience of working with … Recruitment Partners has been exceptional. From my initial contact to successful placement, [Recruitment Partners] consistently and conscientiously supported me. I champion [their] integrity and genuine compassionate and caring attitude with prompt and professional service which resulted in the development of a strong working relationship between us in a very short time.  My experience of working with [Recruitment Partners] has been wonderful and it has deepened me. It brings me joy to recommend … Recruitment Partners, for their exemplary services in Edmonton.”J. Chauhan