Month: February 2021

How Much, Exactly, Do Recruitment Agencies Charge?

By Snober Bains A simple question with a not so simple answer (cue groan from audience). My answer is, “It depends”! Unfortunately, not all firms are made equal, and, therefore, not all recruiting firms charge a similar cost for what might appear to be a similar service, which makes comparison between firms not an Apples-to-Apples…


Is your team attending the Corporate Growth Summit? Only 18 days left to register.

Our very own Jason Dick, Chapter President for ACG Edmonton, cordially invites you to participate in the 9th Annual Corporate Growth Summit Series, held on March 10th to 12th, 2021. The theme is Rise To Shine: An Early Start To Business Growth. If you are looking for an amazing virtual team building event, more information, or to…


Post-secondary students: the CPA Education Foundation Future Professionals Conference is coming up in just two weeks!

At #FPC2021, Joe Gagliardi, FCPA, FCMA, ICD.D will give his top tips for a successful business career and practical ideas to help you build your own. He’ll cover interview tools, job seeking in 2021, and negotiation skills. Joe is one of the founding partners, and is now a managing partner, of Recruitment Partners Inc. He is active in…