Our clients require business/peer/subordinate references from prospective candidates. The disclosure statement allows us to check references, which will only be done when we deem it necessary to further the placement process or to verify information that has been given to us.  Reference and salary information is always kept in the strictest, professional confidence.

In order to verify work experience RECRUITMENT PARTNERS INC. may contact references at any given time. This reference check may include information regarding character, work experience, general knowledge, and capabilities, as well as competency. RECRUITMENT PARTNERS INC. will disclose to prospective employers any employee-related information that is determined appropriate, including any personal comments, evaluations, or assessments that we may have about performance or behaviour as a future employee.  Unless being presented to prospective employers, information will be held in confidence.  Resumes, profiles, and references will not be submitted to any potential employer without prior consent or approval.