As one of Alberta’s leading premium recruitment firms, we understand that finding the right fit for your business is no simple task. At Recruitment Partners, our aim is not to simply meet your expectations, but to exceed them. It’s simple: we must secure you a more superior candidate than what you could otherwise have connected with yourself, or our fee is unwarranted. From identifying and attracting strong, qualified candidates, to supporting you throughout the selection process, and offering ongoing expert advice through our collaborative, consultative approach, Recruitment Partners offers a simply unparalleled experience.

Permanent recruitment, Temporary, Contract and Payrolling solutions.

Whether you are a locally owned start-up on your way to the top, or a well-established Fortune 500 firm, Recruitment Partners has a powerful solution for you. With Temporary, Permanent, Contract and Payrolling available, you have the option to hire for one day, one week or as long as you need; Recruitment Partners is Your Search Partner.

We understand what it takes to create success, it’s what we do.

Determining your companies needs to create success is key.

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Our Proven Process

At Recruitment Partners, we are committed to building and nurturing an unparalleled network of qualified professionals that allows us to provide the organizations we serve with an unsurpassed quality of skilled candidates.

As Alberta’s leading professional recruitment firm, our role extends far beyond our own four walls, and into the community at large.

Our roles extend into the classrooms where the rising stars await, to the board rooms where our team members chair the committees and boards that drive industry, and to the dynamic events where leading professionals connect.

We consistently strive to build valuable, new connections to ensure we are able to provide the industry’s top candidates to dynamic organizations likes yours.

Our skilled professionals are proud to boast extensive professional backgrounds in a variety of fields including, but not limited to, accounting and finance, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing and operations.

It is this advantage that provides our professional team with unparalleled experience and insight into both the challenges and nuances of each role that we fill.

We are proud to utilize a variety of proven sourcing methods to find hidden talent in less obvious places, and are committed to passing that advantage on to our clients.

By maintaining our personal connections within the industry on a ongoing basis, we are able to tap into the hidden job market and connect your business with passively looking candidates that may otherwise have been missed.

We understand that the right candidate isn’t simply the individual with the most impressive skill set or professional experience – that the right fit must also fit your company’s culture and vision.

At Recruitment Partners, we are unquestionably committed to ensuring we provide only the highest quality candidates to our clients.

In order for us to confidently vet our candidates, we can complete a variety of practical checks and testing procedures.

These include:

  • Professional Competency Testing
  • Educational Background Verification
  • Personality Assessments
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Personal Background Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

4. We Know Red Tape

Our recruitment experts provide a short list of quality candidates, as well as consultative feedback throughout the review process.

Our professional team provides support in preparing candidates, co-ordinating the logistics and gathering feedback on the interview process.

We then enthusiastically open our boardroom to you in order for you to conduct interviews, or to debrief with your personal Recruitment Partner, as the need arises.

5. We’ll Talk You Through It

At Recruitment Partners, our skilled team is proud to offer expert and objective advice, helping to define the skills required of the ideal candidate, selecting the right fit, and structuring strong final offers.

Upon candidate selection, we act as a liaison between client and candidate, facilitating a seamless and successful partnership.

6. We Provide Continued Support

An exclusive benefit that we are praised for by both clients and candidates alike, is our unwavering commitment to offering continued support beyond when the agreement is signed.

Our team of recruitment experts are proud to offer continued coaching and consultation services throughout the entirety of the assurance period and beyond, in order to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

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“I have been working closely with Recruitment Partners over the last year and a half (both personally and professionally) and my experiences on both sides of the business have been nothing but positive. All of the team members I have dealt with have shown a keen interest in learning about me and my business to ensure I am reviewing candidates that not only fit our needs skill-wise, but culturally as well. Many of the recruiters have dealt with call me regularly to sell a service or a candidate, but not Recruitment Partners. They take a genuine interest in building a relationship and getting to know you. The staffing industry can be a fickle one, and you aren’t going to be successful every time, but it’s the great team Recruitment Partners has created that keeps me coming back. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone, and will continue to utilize their services whenever they are required.”A. Ozon


“I have known the partners and team members at Recruitment Partners for several years and hold all of them in very high regard.  Close business contacts of mine have used their recruiting services and were very impressed with the high level of professionalism and support through the entire process.  If you are looking to recruit top talent with your organization, I highly recommend giving the Recruitment Partners team a call.”M. Mack