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8 Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

Are you looking to improve your company’s culture? Whether you’re a new company looking to create a sense of community within the organization, you are looking to add a stronger sense of culture to your existing company, or you feel your business needs a culture overhaul, there are many ways to improve your company culture….

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7 Work Trends That Will Shape Businesses in 2023

The last couple of years have greatly changed the way businesses operate. Many businesses had to completely change the way they interacted with customers, moved to working from home, created hybrid workplaces, adopted their sick day policies, responded to the expectations of their team, and more. Work trends have shifted more in the last few…


Hybrid Work is the Future

Hybrid workplaces are becoming more and more common as working within the office is permitted while employees have grown accustomed to working from home. Workplace hybridization has become a solution many employers have chosen. It combines the wants and needs of the company to have face to face time with employees, as well as the…


10+ Tips to Enjoy Summer While Working Full Time

Summer in Alberta is often described as fleeting at best. We get fantastic weather for only a few months, so it can be difficult to work full time when you feel like you’re missing out on all of summer. However, there are still many ways you can make the most out of summer while continuing…


15 Creative Onboarding Ideas To Engage New Hires

Onboarding new employees is your first step in showing what it’s like to work for your company. Is onboarding, and their new role, going to be tedious and tiresome, or entertaining and efficient? The choice is up to you! We have compiled a list of creative onboarding ideas that will help make the onboarding process…


Do You Dread Going To Work? 8 Ways To Re-Engage with Your Job

We’ve all experienced it. Our alarm goes off and all we experience is dread. Dreading going to work may be normalized, but it’s not healthy. If you dread going to work, we want to help! Our recruiting experts have put together a series of strategies to help re-engage with your job and stop the dread…


How to Find Passion in Work (2022)

A person spends, on average, 35% of their waking hours at work. Given that the average work period is 50 years, that is a significant amount of time to spend, especially if you’re doing something that doesn’t fulfill you. Finding passion and fulfillment at work doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working your dream job — not…


When is the Right Time for a Career Change?

Changing careers can be nerve wracking. Whether you’ve spent a number of years building contacts and experience in an industry, or you’ve just finished education for a certain career, you may take a look at your job prospects and think “I want something different”. That’s okay. Being fulfilled in your career is important, in order…


How to Retain Millennial Workers for the Long Haul

By Snober Bains Millennials are generally defined as “a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000”. As an elder of said generation, I feel it’s important to understand why Gen Y, those born in the 1980s and 1990s, is of particular interest in pop culture, marketing and, most importantly in this context, the workplace….