7 Work Trends That Will Shape Businesses in 2023

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The last couple of years have greatly changed the way businesses operate. Many businesses had to completely change the way they interacted with customers, moved to working from home, created hybrid workplaces, adopted their sick day policies, responded to the expectations of their team, and more. Work trends have shifted more in the last few years than they have in modern times, and that’s not expected to revert in 2023. Here are our top work trends that will shape how businesses operate in 2023!

1. Accessibility will be a focus

The global pandemic proved one primary factor; workplaces can function – if not thrive – while their employees work remotely. Working remote is a perk many employees enjoy, but for workers who have disabilities it is often life changing. Working from home provides less distractions, often a better physical setup, and allows people who need to move around or change their workspace often the opportunity to do so. Allowing employees to choose what works best for them increases productivity, accessibility, and positivity, and this trend is bound to continue shaping how businesses operate in 2023. 

2. Fluid Schedules

Another part of accessibility is the actual times people work. Some employees work best in the evenings, while others want to get started at the crack of dawn. Allowing employees to adjust their schedules to what works best for them will greatly help productivity and ensure employees feel understood. Fluid schedules also allow employees to work around appointments, reducing the need for using sick days when employees are not sick. Plus, a fluid schedule can reduce the amount of overtime people are required to work, as a long day on a Monday can be compensated with a short day that Friday.

3. Reduced Five Day Work Weeks

Many offices are moving in the direction to get rid of five-day work weeks. Whether they are adopting four-day work weeks where employees work 10-hour days creating schedules where they have weeks with days on and off, it is a trend moving forward to getting rid of the five day, 9 to 5 work schedule. 

4. Greater Focus on Work-Life Balance

Many employees are looking for workplaces that allow them to have a great work-life balance. Employees are no longer willing to work hours that sacrifice their connections with friends and family. There are many studies done on the consequences of not having a work-life balance, and helping employees enjoy personal time as well as be productive at work will become a top priority for many businesses in 2023.

5. Breakdown of Hierarchical Communication Styles

For many years communication in the workplace was done in a hierarchical fashion. Employees would only communicate with their direct supervisors or people they directly supervised, and communication that needed to extend past that would be sent through a chain of command. This is no longer where businesses are headed. Hierarchical communication has been found to be time consuming and ineffective as key points are often lost in the workplace game of telephone. In 2023, we’ll see even more hierarchy communication breakdown where no matter an employee’s “place” in the workplace structure, they will simply speak directly to the person who needs to hear their message. 

6. Unique Perks

Many employees are looking at perks provided by companies rather than just what their wage is. If every company is offering a similar wage and benefits package (or you are a small business unable to compete with larger corporations) the way to make yourself shine is through interesting perks. Unique perks can range anywhere from flexibility in questions and work situations to smaller things like a snack bar, extra personal days, volunteer days, educational grants, or corporate getaways. 

7. Great Focus on Sustainability

Now more than ever, consumers will look at a business’ sustainability initiatives to make a purchase decision. As we head into 2023, businesses will need to look a little more green – and actually live out their green initiatives. This might mean moving to a completely paperless business, installing solar panels, having a recycling plan, hiring a sustainability consultant, and more. Sustainability will be a large part of business trends in 2023. 

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