When is the Right Time for a Career Change?

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Changing careers can be nerve wracking. Whether you’ve spent a number of years building contacts and experience in an industry, or you’ve just finished education for a certain career, you may take a look at your job prospects and think “I want something different”. That’s okay. Being fulfilled in your career is important, in order to thrive in your work life and find a purpose through your job, you need to be on a career path that drives you to succeed and ensures you’re content with your job choices. It’s estimated that we spend a third of our lives at work, so if we aren’t content with our career choices that is a large percentage of our waking hours to be unhappy. Here are a few signs it might be the right time for a career change. 

Signs You’re Ready to Change Careers

You Dread Going to Work in the Morning

There’s a significant difference between not looking forward to waking up early and being excited for the weekend compared to dreading going to work. If you want to call in sick and avoid the office every single day, that could be a sign you’re needing to change jobs, or sometimes changing careers. If the work you do day to day feels like an exhausting endeavour that you have no interest embarking on, it could be a sign you’re ready for a career change.

You’re Second Guessing Yourself

If you’re constantly second guessing your knowledge, expertise, or interest in your industry, it often points to being ready to switch gears with your work. Lost confidence and insistent lack of trust in your own abilities can come from disliking what you’re doing as well as being a sign of toxicity in the workplace. Be sure to monitor how you’re feeling about work and your abilities to ensure you’re not staying in an industry that you don’t enjoy.

There Seems to Be Nowhere Else to Go

If you find yourself feeling hopeless and that you have nowhere else better to go, you may be ready for a career change. If you’re unhappy with your job and constantly wondering ‘is this it?’ but it also seems like there’s no other places to head to, it’s likely your industry and career choice you’ve become disenchanted with rather than just your current position. Despondency is a clear sign you’re ready for a career change.

You Have No Interest in Learning More

A healthy relationship with work often means a keen interest in learning more and growing your skills. Professional development and consistent learning opportunities are often key perks employees look for when choosing a position. If you don’t feel like learning anything new and aren’t interested in growing in your career, you may want to consider changing careers. Whether you have nothing new to learn and you’ve outgrown your career, or you simply have no interest in it, no desire to learn often means it’s time for a change. 

You Dream of Something Different

This is one of the most significant signs you’re ready for a career change. Looking at other peoples’ careers and wishing you had what they have, or even reading about other industries and thinking that would be your ‘dream job’ often means you’re not content in your current role. If you find yourself dreaming about bigger and better things, it may be time to change careers.

Difference Between a Job Change and a Career Change

Before moving to a completely different industry or role, remember that a job change is very different from a career change. If your issues stem from your company (not getting along with coworkers, trouble with management, salary disputes, etc.) it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready for a career change, it might just mean you’re ready to look for a job somewhere else. Career changes are deeper and signify a lack of interest in your job completely or growing away from your industry. Recruitment agencies and our expert recruiters are a fantastic resource in helping you know whether you need a full on career change or if simply moving to a different company would be the right choice. 

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