7+ Surprising Employee Benefits Trends [2021]

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As employees and workplaces are constantly changing and evolving, especially in the age of COVID-19 restrictions, it makes sense that trends about Employee Benefits are also evolving. If you’re searching for ways to provide perks and benefits to your employees, you’ll want to pay attention to how the employee benefit trends are evolving and stay in touch with what your employees value. Read up on our top surprising employee benefits trends that are showing up in 2021!

1. Mental Health Initiatives and Support

One trend in employee benefits that’s coming to the forefront of employee values are mental health initiatives and support. Providing funds and access to mental health support is incredibly important, as well as creating a company culture that prioritizes the mental health of employees. In 2021 and beyond, an employee benefit that will be top of mind for many job searchers is a company that seeks to help employees with their mental health whether through financial support or in-house mental health support. 

2. Remote Work (Working from Home) and Time Flexibility 

Considering how workplaces have had to adjust over the last year and a bit, it should be no surprise that working remotely isn’t going away even once in-office work is permitted. Many employees have seen the benefits of working from home, such as time and money saved from a lack of commute, better snacks, as well as more flexibility in juggling work with family commitments. Offices should be prepared that many employees will continue to want the benefit of flexibility with their hours and the option to work remotely, at least some of the time.

3. Financial Wellness Programs

Financial wellness programs are a relatively new employee benefit that many job seekers value. Companies that provide their employees with access to financial literacy programs, planners, as well as support for debt management are providing their team with a huge benefit. Teaching employees how to deal with their debt as well as learn more about investing and preparing for their futures is something many young employees truly value.

4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs

Another employee benefit that is moving front of mind for younger employees are programs that support corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion. The world is becoming more cognizant of issues with diversity and equity, especially in the workplace. Companies that advertise a culture of inclusion is something modern job seekers value highly.

5. Emergency Savings Accounts

The financial difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic is something many Albertans can identify with. Many employees may seek emergency savings accounts where part of their paycheck is automatically added to their emergency fund. Employers who are willing to help employees create and manage their emergency savings through payroll-deduction emergency savings programs will be viewed as understanding and providing real-life value to their employees.

6. Caregiver Support

Another aspect of work-life balance many job seekers are noticing is that caregiving and remaining focused on work can be incredibly difficult. Many companies are starting to offer support for parents and other caregivers so they can alleviate some of the stress their employees are experiencing. Offering things like paid parental leave during lockdowns, financial support for additional care, or extra personal days for caregivers are all employee benefits that job seekers value highly. 

7. Virtual Health Benefits

Virtual health benefits are something that flourished during the pandemic, and is likely not going away anytime soon. Many people found the benefits of a virtual doctors visit to be time saving and alleviate a lot of stress. Being able to meet virtually with medical professionals and receive advice and prescriptions all from home is a huge benefit that many companies are providing to their employees.

Employee benefits and what modern job seekers value is constantly evolving as the workforce also evolves. Recruitment Partners Inc. is an Albertan recruiting agency that will help match your company with the right employee! We stay up to date with all workforce trends and opportunities to serve our clients better. Contact us today to move forward with your employee or employment search.