Donate to Food Banks Alberta Today!


This holiday season, both Recruitment Partners offices are working together to raise money for Food Banks Alberta. We will be matching donations made up to a certain amount, and hope you will join us in the spirit of giving!

Food Banks Alberta partners with hundreds of food banks across the province to supply food to Albertans in need. They began in 1998 with the hope to help food banks work together and support one another. The organization was founded to increase awareness about hunger and poverty and work to find a solution to ending hunger in Alberta. In 2021, Food Banks Alberta distributed over 1.4 million pounds of healthy food to partner food banks. 

Recruitment Partners wants to help this fantastic organization reach as many people as possible. Alberta has some of the highest food bank usage in the country with one in five Albertans facing food insecurity. Alberta also has the highest levels of severe food insecurity in the country with over 6% of families being forced to skip meals or go entire days without eating due to not being able to afford food. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, food bank usage has increased by 35%, and 2022 has seen some of the highest food insecurity levels in decades. 

Recruitment Partners wants to be a cause for positive change. Every little bit donated to help can make a huge difference to an Albertan family in need. We want to ensure that your generosity is doubly effective, so we’re matching all donations made!

The holiday season can be financially difficult for everyone, but if you have the ability, we greatly encourage you to donate!

Donate Today!