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How to Share Heartfelt Mentorship: An Essay Inspired by a Journey

Written by: Sally Banek, CPA, CMA, via Linkedin

Two weeks ago, my 19 year old daughter departed on a journey.  Four months of training in Thailand, followed by two more months of missionary work in Cambodia and Laos.  If it were anybody else’s daughter, I’d be thrilled.

“What an amazing adventure!  Do it now, before life gets in your way.”

But it’s not somebody else’s daughter.  Read More…

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How To Write a Resume (from Scratch!)

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How to Write a Resume (from scratch!)

In this downturn, a strong resume is a must.  Depending on the role, employers can see north of 300 resumes per posting.  How does your resume stack up?

  • Is it clean, easy to read, and not overwhelming to look at?
  • Are your points made in bullets as opposed to paragraphs? Read More…

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CPA Annual Chapter Night Out

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Last night our Accounting and Finance team went out on the town! Well, technically walked across the street to the Westin Hotel for the, CPA 13th Annual Chapter Night Out.

The night is filled with over 300 business professionals, which offers a unique experience to bump our elbows with some of Edmonton’s brightest and most accomplished! Read More…

Up Close & Personal

Rack-Ruitment Partners Run for the Cure!

October is National Breast Cancer Month and like most Canadians, many of us at Recruitment Partners have been affected in one way or another by this adverse disease. That’s why each year we lace up our sneakers, put on our Rack-Ruitment Partners t-shirts and pop open our fun box of pink hats, wigs and suspenders to join the crowds for CIBC’s Run for the Cure. Read More…

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ……

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ……

A well deserved reward  for a  hard working team!

Four years later and we are hitting our stride. Marketing and recruiting 24/7 has began to build a reputation that we are proud of and one that we have no intention of taking for granted.

But our four days of frozen mojitos, sun, fun, pools, synchronized swimming and tattoos has warranted us to establish our 10 tried and true recruiter core concepts to a successful and regret free vacay! Read More…