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Tips for Job Seekers

Counteroffers, DON’T DO IT – Career Suicide

It’s everything you want, career advancement, higher salary, great location and an exciting future ahead of you!  You have carefully thought about your resignation, you have told yourself; “Keep it business, don’t make it personal, short and sweet, don’t offend and don’t burn any bridges”.   The moment you hand in your resignation and tell your boss, you are leaving, she says, “What did they offer you, I will match it, you are valuable to us, we don’t want to lose you!”   But before you accept that counteroffer, consider the following reasons why that last-minute decision could be one of the last decisions that you make with this company. Read More…

Tips for Job Seekers

Tips for an effective Skype Interview

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One of our requirements when representing our candidates is conducting a thorough interview to not only understand their skill set but to also understand what they are looking for in their next role. The sense of urgency on the temporary side does not always cater to an in person interview, if so we opt for a virtual interview using Skype. Read More…

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How To Write a Resume (from Scratch!)

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How to Write a Resume (from scratch!)

In this downturn, a strong resume is a must.  Depending on the role, employers can see north of 300 resumes per posting.  How does your resume stack up?

  • Is it clean, easy to read, and not overwhelming to look at?
  • Are your points made in bullets as opposed to paragraphs? Read More…

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How to be a Leader: 4 Rules of Leadership Greatness

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How to be a Great Leader in Good and Tough Times:

4 Rules of Leadership Greatness

Over the years watching some leaders struggle, while others thrive, one thing is apparent:  Good leaders are hard to find and the wrong leader can lead to long-term damage.

Good leaders attract, retain and surround themselves with top talent, higher productivity and a competitive edge through both good and challenging times.  Read More…

Tips for Job Seekers, Up Close & Personal

9 Things you Wish Job Candidates Knew – by Jeff Haden

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Sure, you’ll consider their qualifications. But admit it: This is what you’re really looking for during interviews.

Jeff HadenBy Jeff Haden – @Jeff_Haden on Twitter


Job candidates say a lot during an interview. As the interviewer, so do you.

But there’s a lot you wish you could say to job candidates well before the interview ever takes place:

1. Read More…