What is Credential Verification?

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Many positions require verified credentials, and there are risks attached to trying to manage this area of personnel profiles. Credentials can expire, be ‘faked’, or the credential issuers can sometimes face difficulties in providing up to date information themselves. 

Credential verification is essential to accurate hiring as it ensures that you’re finding the right person for the job, they will be able to succeed in their role, and you’re meeting your firm’s crucial standards.

What are Credentials?

Credentials are written documentation that are meant to showcase experience, education, or provide the basis for confidence, belief, or credibility. Credentials, at their core, prove that a person is qualified and has a specific competence or authority. Credentials, traditionally, are paper documents that prove education or experience, but now many credentials are being offered in a digital format.

Types of Credentials

The lists of credentials are seemingly endless. We have put together a list of common credentials that may be used for job applications.

  •     Diplomas
  •     Bachelor’s degree
  •     Master’s degree
  •     PhD or Doctorate
  •     Professional school degree
  •     Trade school certification
  •     Professional licences
  •     Apprenticeships
  •     Membership of professional associations
  •     First Aid Training
  •     Safety and professional courses (for example, fall protection)
  •     And more

What is Credential Verification?

Credential verification means formally checking to ensure someone is who they say they are from a professional and educational standpoint. Credential verification is incredibly important to ensure employees have the requisite educational qualifications, professional memberships, and trade licences.  Formal verification means you “know” credentials are in place and up to date, rather than just assuming.  Verifying credentials is a time-consuming task that many companies perform manually and, often, quite unsuccessfully. 

Why Choose Digital Verification

Digital verification provides a level of accuracy and efficiency that traditional methods cannot achieve.  Going digital means greater safety of storage as well as access to active data that can inform employers in the case of credential fraud or expiry in real time.  On top of all this, digital verification affords greater protection of the credential owner to ensure that only a select group of people can see the credentials.

Why Choose Credivera for Digital Verification?

Credivera is our state-of-the-art digital wallet designed to hold our candidates’ credentials in a single space. Credivera takes digital credential verification a step further than traditional methods. Most platforms require intrusive implementations and software navigations. With Credivera, set-up is far easier without compromising on security. Credivera works with multiple operating systems and allows data owners to control who has access to them through a permission process. Credivera also allows us to manage our clients’ contingent workforces, without implementation, creating a more secure and perfect solution to contractor management.

Recruitment Partners and Credivera

Recruitment Partners has joined forces with Credivera to deliver verifiable candidate credentials to our customers. With our Credivera solution, the things you need to know about your people will be accurately known. Our digital verification system allows you to shave your administrative costs, improve accuracy and also respect data and privacy laws. Recruitment Partners can help you up your game in ensuring personnel files are accurate and meet the needs of your firm, and what’s more, we can ensure your contract teams are exactly who we require them to be for project needs, health and safety, risk, and insurance purposes.  If you want to start proving your workforce, contact us today!