Get Digitally Verified Personnel

Reduce risk and liability, manage qualification records, and decrease administrative costs by borrowing your new hires’ digital credentials.


We’ve Partnered With Credivera

Credential verification has never been faster and more reliable. Through our Credivera partnership, we can accurately check employee qualifications, so you never have to worry about a proven workforce.

A verified workforce means we’ve ensured you get to work with the individuals you need in terms of skill, risk, education, and accreditation.

But First: What is Digital Verification?

Digital verification is the new standard of background and reference checks. It’s a verified, digital record on an employee’s qualifications, training, and compliance tests that indicates they’re an appropriate and qualified candidate for the role.


Prove Your Workforce

Over the past 10 years, there’s been a 25% increase in credential misrepresentation amongst new hires. Even worse: a study by Inc. indicates 20% of job searchers have lied on their resumes within the last 5 years. 

Organizations already face a wide range of challenges when hiring new staff. And when you take chances on an unverified workforce, you assume costly business risks which can affect your reputation and your bottom line.

Let Recruitment Partners digitally verify your talent to ensure your work is safely executed by a proven workforce. Knowing your people have the accreditations, education, and are verified for background information means your work is being done by the right people.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Our system makes the accessibility and storage of personnel credentials seamless and extremely accurate.

In addition, by changing how you store personnel data, you reduce the costs and cyber risks associated with traditional filing systems. We’ve made paperwork associated with people safer.

Follow Privacy & Data Laws

New privacy and data laws mean old ways of storing personnel information will no longer be accepted. Using the Credivera system means RPI puts the ownership of data in the hands of the personnel in a highly secured blockchain network.

When personnel are hired or engage, they merely “lend” permissions for us to see their credentials. We protect ourselves, our Clients, and our Candidates from privacy breaches and data overreach.

How It Works

RPI and Credivera are partnered to prove your workforce. The process is simple, easy, and reliable.



RPI furnishes new personnel with the RPI Credivera Digital Wallet


They upload their credentials into their own Wallet and grant RPI permission to view


Credivera verifies their credentials automatically through the network in concert with our many, many credential issuers


RPI ensures digital credentials of personnel are verified, up-to-date, and in good standing daily


End-user goes to work with new found peace of mind daily

Your Verification Challenges Solved

Through Credivera’s intuitive software for both mobile and desktop devices, managing your workforce’s credentials has never been easier. These tools allow us to ensure our contractors and your employees are in compliance with the requirements of their position at all times.

The Credential Wallet

All of your workforce data is stored in one, convenient place, including:

  • Education records
  • Health & Safety certifications
  • Criminal, Credit, Employment verifications
  • And much more

This credential wallet is a one-stop access point to view your personnels’ most vital information. And it’s easy-to-follow interface means you can quickly find the information you need.


The Compliance Tools

Run your organization with confidence, knowing your personnel are complying with all workplace requirements, including:

Daily Checks

Contract Stipulations

Competency Requirements

Minimum Credential Standards

Corporate Policies

Through these modules, you can track employee records across locations with ease and confidence. And with Credivera’s mobile interface, you can easily access your workforce records anywhere, making it the perfect solution for remote teams.


Partner Services

Easily integrate other software and partner services your business uses, including Microsoft, Active Directory, and more. In addition, you can also integrate the following:

Contact Tracing Wearables

Remote Worker Solutions

Permissioned Blockchain Solutions

Why You Need Digital Verification

  1. Reduce risk, liability, and uncertainty
  2. Lower administrative & HR costs
  3. Keep records organized and updated
  4. Improve privacy protection for your staff
  5. Support HR, safety, and management divisions
  6. Increase workplace compliance

Looking to Hire a Digitally Verified Employee?

Recruitment Partners has your solution. We can quickly, securely, and accurately verify all personnel. And we can provide daily updates on personnel credential status changes, so your organization and projects are always safe, compliant, and ready for audit.

Contact us today, and discover how we’re setting the new standard of personnel verification.