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How to Attract the Right Candidates Using Professional Development as a Tool

By Lily Brooks, Sherri Bowles, and Vijay Masih Professional development can be a positive experience if done right. As the spectrum of candidates varies from  entry-level to executive-level experience, it is essential for employers to target their professional development  program to the candidate level you are appealing to. Regardless of experience level, professional development should …

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How should I price myself in the market, without compromising my value?

By Max Morin When it comes to compensation, there are multiple factors that play into the final amount that both the employee and employer come to settle with. This amount can be quite ambiguous until someone from either party has decided on a firm evaluation of the prospective candidate in question. So… what are you…

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5+ Unique Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

1. Diversity Increases Performance In a setting where there is equality and inclusion, it allows employees to be confident and to apply their skills more while attaining new skills along the way. They are more comfortable with their work load and they are more likely to engage in conversation both inside and outside the workplace….