What are the Benefits of Digital Credentials?

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Digital credentials are a new way of verifying credentials for employees, as well as keeping employee records up-to-date. As the world moves to less and less paper, it’s important to have quick and easy access to your credentials. New privacy and data laws mean old ways of storing personnel information will no longer be accepted.  Digital credentials are safe, secure, and are a fantastic asset for organizations.  

What are Digital Credentials?

Digital credentials are virtual versions of a traditional, paper credential. Maybe industries require certifications and educational requirements, and a digital version of these credentials can ensure that you always have them on hand. Emailing pdfs is no longer an easy way to verify credentials as they can be easily modified. Digital credentials can be anything, whether they are your passport and driver’s license or membership to your professional associations and first aid certification to proof of Covid-19 vaccination.

Why Do You Need Your Work Credentials Digitized?

Having your work credentials digitized is important for several reasons. From an employer perspective, if all employees have their credentials digitized, your human resources department is able to easily know who is qualified and certified in certain areas. These digitized credentials also show when certain qualifications are expiring and an employee needs to be recertified, for example First Aid certification is only valid for three years. Knowing when employees need to be recertified is useful for booking classes and planning for the future. As an employee, having digitized credentials that your employer has access to can help you stay organized, and it can also be useful when you want to apply for internal promotions or new roles.

What is Credivera?

Credivera is a platform that helps organizations prove certifications belonging to their employees and potential employees. The platform is a fast and effective way to verify that your skilled workers have up-to-date credentials that meet industry standards and regulations by way of a Digital Wallet. The wallet holds all the digital credentials that Credivera has been able to verify, meaning you have an easy to access copy of all your important qualifications at the press of a button! Storing your work credentials in Credivera’s convenient digital wallet means that your qualifications are instantly verifiable by existing and prospective employers, they are always easily accessible, and you can keep them up to date instantly. This gives organizations peace of mind and ensures the company is protected from liability and risk.

How will Credivera be Bight for You?

Recruitment Partners Inc. has partnered with Credivera to bring convenience and reassurance to our clients. By working with Recruitment Partners, you will know that anyone you hire can have all their credentials verified in a safe and secure manner. Using the Credivera system means RPI puts the ownership of data in the hands of the personnel in a highly secured blockchain network.  Candidates who work with RPI are able to receive a Credivera digital wallet, ensuring they can move forward with credentials that are verified, up-to-date, and in good standing. With Credivera and Recruitment Partners, you’ll go to work with peace of mind!