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Are business cards a thing of the past?

By Cat Lam, CPA, CMA, http://ITsolopreneurs.com   In the past few weeks, I attended an extraordinary number of networking events. One thing that is synonymous with networking is, of course, the exchange of business cards. Now, you might as well know. Ask me what I do with these business cards afterwards, and I’ll show you…


Maximizing Growth and Delight in Existing Customers and Staff

This article was recently posted in the Capital Ideas section of the Edmonton Journal. The article includes some great pieces of advice from Edmonton’s entrepreneurs, including some from our very own Sally Banek, CPA, CMA, on how to balance support and growth in existing staff and customers. Follow the link to read more! Capital Questions  …


5 Tips on Becoming a Remarkable Entrepreneur

Explore your passion. Life is too short to be wasted doing something that doesn’t bring you joy. With that being said, it’s ok if you don’t know exactly what it is you love to do. However, there is always something for everyone—you just have to find it. Never give up searching for that career that…