Working to the utmost of your ability is extremely important to your success as a recruiter; however, allowing yourself a break once in a while is equally as important. One thing that every recruiter needs to remember is that when you work hard, you have to play hard. We can vouch for this! I’ve met tons of people who are terrified about taking a summer vacation because they assume that there is no way their business can survive without them. I believe, however, that allowing yourself a holiday will only help to ensure the success of your business in the long run.

Yes, you have to be a diligent worker to make your agency the best it can be. Trust me; I work in an office with Edmonton’s best recruitment experts—when they set their mind to something, they work around the clock to make it happen. Nevertheless, they also ensure that they take the time to cool their engines and recharge their batteries. After all, no one can stay running on overdrive 365 days a year. It’s just not possible; quite simply, you’ll burn out!

While growing your recruitment firm, you chose to hire the employees you did because you trust that they are truly competent and share the same goals as yourself. They are just as invested as you are in maintaining strong relationships with the clients and candidates, and will work hard when you’re gone to make sure that everything continues to run smoothly.

That’s why you should never feel guilty about taking a summer vacation—if anything, you should feel guilty if you don’t take one! While you are away, you’ll relax. You may come up with new ideas for your recruitment firm that you never would have thought of if you were stuck dealing with the day-to-day pressures. When you get back, you’ll have more energy; you won’t be as grouchy and you’ll be ready to get back on top of your game!

Now take a look outside: it’s the end of April in Edmonton and there is snow on the ground. So when is a better time that now to go catch up on some R & R? Give yourself a break… spend a week in on a beach sipping margaritas! You’ll profit from the experience—literally!