In addition to our three core values (reputation, professionalism and integrity), we decided to dig a little deeper and truly distinguish what makes Recruitment Partners so unique. We listed a few of the key characteristics that we strongly believe will lead to building strong, successful relationships with both our clients and candidates.

The client always comes first.
Our number one focus is to finding our candidates the perfect fit within a great organization—and vice versa. It’s not about just throwing an individual into a role so that at the end of the day the bills are paid. It’s about helping people find a stable career, and helping clients find their ideal employee. The bottom line? At Recruitment Partners, everyone is treated with respect and equality, from the moment you first walk in our door.

Honest and open communication.
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: honest communication is the key to gaining trust and building that stable, strong relationship that leads to longevity and exclusivity. In order for your client/candidate to respect your opinion and trust your judgment as a recruiter, they need to know that you will always be upfront and clear with them. Here at Recruitment Partners, we are dedicated to maintaining frequent, clear and direct communication with everyone- including one another. After all, in order for any successful firm to run smoothly, you need to implement your principles from the bottom to the top!

Enjoying what we do.
The atmosphere of your company and the dynamics of the team environment are extremely important to building relationships with your clients/candidates. You’re probably asking, “Why would that matter?”-well, the answer is simple. When you truly enjoy what you do, it’s noticeable and it attracts others. The most appealing atmosphere is when your team is able to balance good levels of positivity and professionalism. You can expect your candidates to pick up on this energy from the moment they walk into the office. Even clients are more likely to partner with a recruitment firm that has a fast-paced and motivated atmosphere, rather than a boring and empty one. Our team at Recruitment Partners excels at maintaining that ideal equilibrium of professionalism and excitement. How do we do this, you ask? It all boils down to truly enjoying what we do and letting it show.