What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ……

A well deserved reward  for a  hard working team!

Four years later and we are hitting our stride. Marketing and recruiting 24/7 has began to build a reputation that we are proud of and one that we have no intention of taking for granted.

But our four days of frozen mojitos, sun, fun, pools, synchronized swimming and tattoos has warranted us to establish our 10 tried and true recruiter core concepts to a successful and regret free vacay!

Core Concept #1 “WhatsApp”, this is a smart phone weekend!

Download it and be “in the know”. Nothing happens until you post it.  The phone is your most important tool in Vegas.  It will serve as the basis for everything that follows!  Including bailing you out.


Core Concept #2 Chasing Leads – No Strategy, No Plan, No leads, Big Hangover!

You are an information broker; you must pursue, gather and act upon information gathered in Vegas.  You have to be curious, ask questions, and “connect the dots”.  Leads come from everywhere!  The pool; the tables; the slots; Fremont Street; even the pool bar. Ask yourself, “What am I taking away from this conversation?”, “Who is this person?”, “Are they for real?”, “Where is my drink?”…


Core Concept #3 Time kills all deals!

The recruiter who gets there first – wins.   “Lily, Vegas is a Hustlers town, the information is constantly changing and we need to strike while the iron is hot!”  Always have a sense of urgency in Vegas!

Core Concept #4 Daily Planning – who is getting the chairs at the pool?

Without a good plan, you won’t get enough chairs – you will end up at the cold pool.  Planning must be a daily habit.  Don’t mistake room service for progress, get up Chris!  Understand the importance of “working closest to the dollar at the hottest roulette table”.  If you haven’t executed your casino plan, it will be 5 AM and you will be asking yourself, “What did I do all night, Where am I?”


Core Concept #5 Vegas, your first time!

What you do in the first 30 minutes in Vegas will determine your fate in the last 5 minutes of your new found Vegas relationship. Not all staffing firms take their teams to conduct team building in Vegas.  At Recruitment Partners you will always have fun, drink margaritas, spend money and you will not go home until then!  By following a thorough, structured itinerary as meticulously arranged by Kawther, you can participate in your Vegas team building trip with ease. You will efficiently and consistently know where you’re eating, how you are getting there, when to be there and how “phenomenal” you are. It will also result in setting expectations! You will know what to expect from your hard working team and they will know what to expect from you!

Hot Tip: Be adaptable; at the 11th hour you could end up at Cabo Wabo, working for a successful 28 year old entrepreneur who is wicked awesome…

Core Concept #6 Charging to your room

Just like what you do in the first 30 minutes of arriving in Vegas; the same applies when charging to your room.  This will determine how long it will take you to pay off your room charges when you return home.  You must master the “Art and Science” of charging to someone else’s room number!  Yes, there is an “Art and Science” to room charges.  The science is stealthily gathering the details of your colleague’s room numbers and the art is not incurring too many personal charges…

Effective room charging sets the tone for the trip.  Over indulging will maximize the likelihood of your colleagues charging to your room effectively.  An effective room charge will also provide no leads to your colleague as to WHO charged to their room!

Core Concept #7 – Surviving Fremont

This is a tough one, be aware, crazy is everywhere, this may result in either a very good or very bad experience. Qualify the tattoo artist, ensure 100% guarantee. Inquire about the drying time. If deciding to zip-line, the buddy-system must apply!

Core Concept #8 It is not a Sin to lose at the tables in Sin City

When issues arise (and they will) it is important you are aware of the issues so that you can prepare and self-talk.

Losing in Vegas means somewhere during the process you stopped questioning and lost control – you shouldn’t be surprised to lose a “hundy”.

Core Concept #9 – Daily Huddle

The Daily huddle is to prioritize your activities and imitate the havoc and chaos from the previous night’s events.  Focus on “daily wins” in Vegas and determine how to mitigate the risk potential ….

Core Concept #10 – What happens in Vegas, ends up on the internet!

Enjoy your memories in Vegas, take no pictures and do not log any information anywhere – Better safe than sorry!