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Top 5 Recruitment Firm Myths – Debunked

Disclaimer: you should know that I recently re-watched Jerry Maguire this past weekend so I apologize in advance for the TomCruise-ian undertones of this post.

To begin, it is just plain unreasonable for we Recruiters to expect you to know our process.  I want to peel back the onion and take the opportunity to give you an idea of what the process looks like from our side of the table.  J-Mag said it best, “Help Me … Help You” (there’s one).




1.iMYTH: Recruitment firms work with a limited number of candidates


  • We receive on average, a range of 50 – 75 new applicants per new job we are engaged on;
  • We respond to every applicant and we call every candidate whose search we feel we can add value to, roughly 20% on average so between 10 – 15;
  • This is in addition to the 10 – 15 existing candidates who apply;
  • For each job, we present fewer than 5 candidates;
  • We place 1;
  • That’s up to 89 people who did not get the job, although we have connected with all of them in one fashion or another.


2. MYTH: Recruitment firms dictate the “must haves” of the positions they recruit for


  • While it is true that we have some influence on who will interview for a job, we are at the end of the day, hired by our clients. These clients know their business, they know what they want and they have developed a checklist for the role they have.  They are the experts in their business and their cultural fit.  We work closely inside the parameters of their search.  If they want a minimum five years’ experience and you have two – our hands are tied.


3. MYTH: Recruitment firms look out for themselves


  • We want to show you the money! (there’s two) Trust me; we want to place every candidate that is kind enough to reach out to us to assist in their job search.  We would feel like heroes! (Stinking rich heroes…) But it is not the reality of our business; which is why even though we know we can’t place every candidate, we know we can add value to your search.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.  We are here for resume advice, honest feedback, interview assistance, guidance in your efforts in your job search, market info, as well as the occasional pep talk!  Think of us as really honest cheerleaders – we will cheer you on but give you the honest opinion you really want, and need, to succeed.


4. MYTH: Recruitment firms don’t check in every week because they meet you and forget about you


  • We are busy because we don’t rush this important process. With the limited time that we do not have not earmarked during our day, we want to be on the phone with our clients trying to find new opportunities for our amazing candidates.  Calling every candidate we meet every week to touch base, would be more than a full-time job alone for one person.  We want to be strategic with our time, for you.  Also understand, regardless of how busy we are; if you call us – we will take your call or we will call you back.


5. MYTH: Recruitment firms can be my only job seeking tool


  • We would be doing you a huge disservice if we selfishly advised you not to engage in your search on your own as well as with us. Use us as an arm of your search effortsCareer-long relationships between a “candidate” and recruiter often did not start with a job placement.  More often it started with an honest conversation and grew to mutual respect and onto more honest conversations.  This is why so many of our clients started as candidates.


The Bottom Line:

You are our business, our reason for being here.  We need you, we appreciate you, we feel your pain and we celebrate your wins.  We want to partner with you in the truest sense of that word.  Hey, you complete us (there’s three).


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