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Tips for an effective Skype Interview

One of our requirements when representing our candidates is conducting a thorough interview to not only understand their skill set but to also understand what they are looking for in their next role. The sense of urgency on the temporary side does not always cater to an in person interview, if so we opt for a virtual interview using Skype. Sometimes no matter how prepared you are technology won’t work in your favor; however, it is always best to be prepared.

Here are some effective tips below that I always suggest to candidates conducting a video or skype interview:

  • Test the technology ahead of time, make sure your camera and your video works
  • Raise your camera so that it is at eye level, always make sure you are looking outwards and not down (if you can see yourself test this when you are testing the technology)
  • Beware of your surroundings, have a clean backdrop and side areas (give the presence of an office)
  • Dress appropriately, business professional
  • Ensure no distractions during that time: cell phone, people, dogs, etc.
  • Have a glass of water nearby in case you start coughing
  • Have your resume in front of you (don’t refer to it unless you really stumble)



The only other thing I would suggest is leaving an extra second or pause after someone asks you a question, with technology the timing may not be perfect and you would hate to cut someone off if they are planning on continuing to speak.

Good luck on your interview!


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