The Value of Sales and Service Training

The foundation of our business success is a commitment to performance excellence in all what we do.  The cornerstone to attain this level of excellence for our organization is via training and a commitment to customer service.  The Alberta business market has becoming more and more commoditized, coupled with a sense of complacency and entitlement (the Alberta advantage?).  To thrive, you must set your organization apart to be seen as a “value add” product / service provider, especially when the economy slows down.  By achieving this, price is a secondary consideration, not the only differentiator between you and your competitors.  The fundamentals steps of a growing organization are:

  1. To receive a call to potentially provide the service or product
  2. To be the first call to potentially provide a service or product
  3. And finally, be the only call when providing a service or product

Recruitment Partners has found sales training with a focus on service is the underpinnings of achieving and staying at step 3 from above.  Salesmanship gets you in the door; follow-up and great customer service keeps you there.

Many organizations have internal sales training and onboarding programs, however having external sales and service training serves several purposes:

  1. Allows your trainers to be better trainers themselves
  2. Invigorates your sales force to approach old problems from a new prospective
  3. Re-instills basic fundamentals  (stops corner cutting)
  4. Shows your sales force you are investing in them (a sense of belonging)

When the economy slows down is exactly the best time to re-invest in your sales and service training as it is like sharpening the tools for the upcoming hunt.  There is no official bell that sounds when the economy begins to recover.  Those that have honed their skills are poised to take advantage of the recovering market.  Too often organizations cut too deep with training, layoffs etc. and are then left scrabbling to rebuild their depleted teams.  Sales opportunities are not lost… They are seized by someone else. 

In great training programs there can be “aha moments” or “magic bullets” that revolutionize the way you do business. The focus of any sales and service training should be on developing a strong fundamental base that can be built upon long term. 

Joe Gagliardi, FCPA, FCMA | Managing Partner Recruitment Partners


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