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Temps for vacation coverage Y/N?

Right off the bat let me start by saying, “Yes!  Almost always yes!”  I might be biased because my world is temp-focused, however, there are many advantages to having a temporary employee join your team!


“I don’t have time to train”

This is the most common statement I hear. And most of the time it can be correct. While I agree the learning curve in a temporary role can be steep, temporary candidates are up for the challenge. Not only are they able to hit the ground running with limited training, they must also be meeting your requirements in terms of software experience, industry knowledge, and technical skills. They are focused on providing you with an immediate solution whether it’s for short-term vacation coverage or a long term project.

“I don’t want to disrupt my team”

Perfect, neither do we! If your team is already able to cover the more technical aspects of a role, consider bringing someone in at a more junior level to assist with other tasks that may fall to the side, such as data entry or filing. This way your team is able to keep moving forward without a backlog of more junior tasks piling up.

“We have a very unique culture”


No problem. Whether you are considering a candidate from a recruitment firm or someone that you have met on your own, culture fit will always play a level of importance. As a firm, our role is to not only assess your needs on a technical level but to also know who is going to gel well with your team. It doesn’t matter if this individual is going to be joining your team for a few days or a few months, they will be more effective if they thrive in your work environment. Asking the right questions during the screening process and our process of completing thorough, in-depth reference checks will allow you to have a better understanding of where they will do well. If you use a recruitment firm (a big YES in my eyes) they/we will do that vetting for you.

“I don’t know how long I need someone”

That is perfectly ok. Projects change, vacations extend, life happens. Temporary candidates are used to ever-changing timeframes and can usually go with the flow. That being said, having an initial upfront conversation about the anticipated duration will allow you to know if the candidate may have any other irons in the fire. Recruitment firms can provide you with candidates that are exclusively looking for contract opportunities, or candidates who will be able to commit to the duration of the project.

“I’m still unsure”


Not quite convinced? That’s ok too. If you are considering candidates on a temporary basis, engage a recruitment firm. Get the answers to your questions.  Candidates will be brought to your attention on a contingency basis; there is no fee unless you find the perfect fit.

While a temporary employee may not be what you need right now, almost every organization goes through a time when they can use assistance. With summer now upon us, the need may be sooner than you think!


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