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Ten New Things to Try at Work this Week

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Feeling a little overwhelmed, or worse yet, underwhelmed at work?  Is it time to shake things up, get the creative juices stirring, bring some passion back to your nine-to-five?

Spring is here.  In my northern hometown it’s still a bit chilly (it will dip below freezing again tonight.  Sigh).  But the days are bright and getting longer.  Read More…

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The Power of Recharging and the Importance of Balance

The Power of Recharging and the Importance of Balance


As a person that loves to be busy I also love my downtime and try to live my life as balanced as I can. This sense of balance just recently came into my life in my early 30’s as I finally saw the value and extreme importance in working hard but also “letting things go”. Read More…

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The Working Mom … “Can we have it all?”

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As a young person, and at the beginning of my career, naïve to anything related to adulthood I would confidently state “Of course not, silly”.  Women take a proud step back to carry, bear and rear little ones…  Heck, at this point in my life I contemplated pregnancy as a way of getting OUT of work!  Read More…

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Team Recruitment Partners!

As you likely know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s probably a pretty safe bet that you, or someone you know has been affected by breast cancer in some way. So, in honour of our friends, family and loved ones, we participate in the CIBC Run for The Cure each year.

Here is our team photo from this Sunday before the event! Read More…

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Health and Wellness in the Office

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Savvy employers recognize that the general well-being of employees is important. Employees are your most important asset and taking good care of them is critical to both their success and yours. Providing a positive corporate culture with health and wellness incentives will not only increase employee engagement, but will also promote a healthier workforce.

Money is not the only thing that employees work for—they are also searching for environments that provide flexibility, fun, trust and balance as well as opportunity-rich experiences. Employers need to build in the health and wellness “attraction” factor.

More and more employers are offering their staff health and wellness perks that are of little cost to the employer but enormous incentives to the employee. Read More…