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Counter Offers

Receiving a counter offer is like being asked to be a bridesmaid… flattering at first, but ultimately a pain in the ass.  Here’s the good news, you can decline a counter offer:


It’s not you, it’s me…

While counter offers feel flattering and a boost to the ego is nice, the reality is that they are very rarely about the recipient and nearly always about the presenter. Read More…

Work Life

Steady Eddie vs the Blue Flamer . . . and Why You Need Them Both on Your Team

Every company has them, the Steady Eddies and the Blue Flamers. But not every company is smart enough to treat them with the respect they deserve. A company without the right mix of both is not functioning optimally.


The Blue Flamer


You’ve seen her. Prepared for anything that comes her way; she often has the answer before you’ve even thought of the question. Read More…

Tips for Job Seekers

Top 5 Recruitment Firm Myths – Debunked

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Disclaimer: you should know that I recently re-watched Jerry Maguire this past weekend so I apologize in advance for the TomCruise-ian undertones of this post.

To begin, it is just plain unreasonable for we Recruiters to expect you to know our process.  I want to peel back the onion and take the opportunity to give you an idea of what the process looks like from our side of the table.  Read More…

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To Temp, Or Not to Temp

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Hi! My name is Moe Yassine and I am a Temporary & Contract Recruitment Consultant, here at Recruitment Partners. I work with non-working candidates assisting them in finding interim employment while their ongoing search for a permanent job is active; however, it doesn’t mean that all non-working candidates are eligible to be temporary candidates through a recruitment firm. Read More…

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Networking: Step One – Show Up



Step One – Show Up





Step One: Show Up

It sounds simple, yes, but how many times have you been invited to an event and you have every intention to go, and then last minute “something comes up” and you bail?  Probably more often than any of us would like to admit.  Read More…

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Career envy: we’ve all had it, but have we all overcome it?

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Career envy: we’ve all had it, but have we all overcome it?

As someone who battled with this for many years, I can confidently tell you that this type of envy is not something that is easily treated, nor is it easy to identify. You become this person who ends up being a shell of who you “once were”; you wake up one morning and find yourself at the bottom of some deep dark hole and you don’t know how you ended up there…

Let me back up a few years and give you a better understanding of how I ended up where I am today… When I was in high school, my parents encouraged me to pursue whatever career I wanted, but in their experience and very strong opinion, a “useful degree in business” was best. Read More…

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Should I Lie on My Résume?

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As a professional resume writer, HR manager and career coach for over 10 years, I have come across this controversial issue more times than I can count. Let’s say you have been actively pursuing employment for over a year and keep being told you’re over qualified by recruiters, so you start thinking to yourself, “maybe I should remove some of my older jobs or change the job titles to something less managerial.” For example, if you wanted to effectively lie on your resume, you’d want to remove the job title of your previous employer from District Sales Manager to Sales Representative and remove any verbiage related to leading teams or managing daily operations. Read More…

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What are the top 8 biggest interview blunders you could ever make?

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No one likes being taken off-guard. When it comes to preparing for an interview, we all do what it takes in advance to be as ready as we can. We research the company, we (hopefully) dress to impress and fundamentally, we go in there guns blazing and super confident. So what happens when, despite all your preparations, something goes terribly wrong? Read More…

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Dressing the Part: Four Simple Tips

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We’ve seen it all. From candidates in baggy jeans all the way to candidates in pencil skirts with stilettos, what you choose to wear into an interview has a bigger impact on the outcome than you may think.

Whether you’re seeking a career in accounting, or perhaps even a position within the IT industry, dressing the part for the job can make or break your interview. After all, considering that the first thing the interviewer will notice is your appearance, this often will greatly affect their initial impression of you. So why not start things off with your best foot (or shoe) forward? Read More…

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Health and Wellness in the Office

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Savvy employers recognize that the general well-being of employees is important. Employees are your most important asset and taking good care of them is critical to both their success and yours. Providing a positive corporate culture with health and wellness incentives will not only increase employee engagement, but will also promote a healthier workforce.

Money is not the only thing that employees work for—they are also searching for environments that provide flexibility, fun, trust and balance as well as opportunity-rich experiences. Employers need to build in the health and wellness “attraction” factor.

More and more employers are offering their staff health and wellness perks that are of little cost to the employer but enormous incentives to the employee. Read More…

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