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Up Close & Personal

Rack-Ruitment Partners Run for the Cure!

October is National Breast Cancer Month and like most Canadians, many of us at Recruitment Partners have been affected in one way or another by this adverse disease. That’s why each year we lace up our sneakers, put on our Rack-Ruitment Partners t-shirts and pop open our fun box of pink hats, wigs and suspenders to join the crowds for CIBC’s Run for the Cure. Read More…

Up Close & Personal

Team Recruitment Partners!

As you likely know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s probably a pretty safe bet that you, or someone you know has been affected by breast cancer in some way. So, in honour of our friends, family and loved ones, we participate in the CIBC Run for The Cure each year.

Here is our team photo from this Sunday before the event! Read More…