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Steady Eddie vs the Blue Flamer . . . and Why You Need Them Both on Your Team

Every company has them, the Steady Eddies and the Blue Flamers. But not every company is smart enough to treat them with the respect they deserve. A company without the right mix of both is not functioning optimally.


The Blue Flamer


You’ve seen her. Prepared for anything that comes her way; she often has the answer before you’ve even thought of the question. Read More…

Up Close & Personal

Please bear with us…

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This week marks the installation of beautiful new cubicles into our office!

Because of this process, our inter-office phone system will be in slight disarray on Thursday and Friday of this week (Nov 21 and 22nd) while we dismantle and remove the existing desks. We ask that you please bear with us during this process. Please feel free to call our main office line 780.758.5888, or email us at to connect with one of our recruiters. Read More…