Let’s be honest, many recruiters are bottom feeders; they speak at you, sounding like they are reading from a script, and worse yet, they really don’t care about your career aspirations! The best recruiter out there will take an interest in you, understand what is important to you, know your career aspirations and want to build a long standing professional relationship with you.

  • I know that if I treat you well, you will refer me to someone else and maybe one day you will be my client—that is how it works. What goes around comes around, tenfold. And that’s true for the good and the bad!
  • When it comes to your recruiter, always, always, always meet them in person. They should be professional and create a connection with you. Is this someone that you want representing you? Do they understand you? Do they “get you?” Do they even know what you do? Has your admin recruiter ever done administration? Has your accounting recruiter ever even done accounting? Ask them and I think you will be surprised. Did they make eye contact? Are they confident? Is this someone that you want representing you? I think you get the idea.
  • Lastly, what does the recruiter know about the job? Is it real? Ask for details: who they met with, why the position is open, where it is located, what the office is like, who the hiring manager is, and what they are like.

I could go on, but in short your recruiter should be capable of answering theses questions and want to provide you with as much information as possible to put both you and their client in the winner’s seats. And I can proudly say that’s what we aim to do with every placement at Recruitment Partners.