In applying for a position with The Recruitment Partners Inc. you will be required to provide personal information such as a resume and other information that will be used during the recruiting process. This information may include data or information we may collect during reference checking, and background and security checks as required.

It is our understanding that, once you forward your resume to us, you are giving us permission to assist you in your search for employment and that furthermore you are giving us your permission, once we have received your resume, to share your profile or resume with clients from time to time, in order to match you with employment opportunities. We are responsible for all of your personal information in our possession or custody and will only share this information with our clients (organizations seeking employees) and only upon verbal or written consent from you.

Only employees of The Recruitment Partners Inc. will be able to access your personal information. The Recruitment Partners Inc. prohibits employees from using your personal information other than for recruiting purposes and from disclosing your personal information to any third parties other than client organizations, except with your consent or as required by law. Security measures are in place to protect your personal information and these include locked filing cabinets and restricted access to documents and the use of log- in passwords and encryption for technology. Your personal information is kept on file indefinitely.

The Recruitment Partners Inc. makes every effort to maintain the privacy of your personal information but cannot be held responsible for any action beyond our reasonable control that may prevent this from happening.