Having fun at work is good for business because people like doing business with people who are having fun. In other words, figure out what you love and make it happen! These are the things that I love.

My team.
I love these guys and girls. Nobody takes themselves too seriously around here. When I look around the room I get to spend my days with a square dancer, a cheerleader, Boston Pizza frequenter, a CFO on paper, a goalie, proud hockey dad, tough chick that drives a BIG A@# Avalanche, a slightly competitive recruiter (I dare you challenge him to a wall sit) and an accounting smarty-pants. Seriously every day is a new experience and I never know what is coming at me.

The environment.
As long as something is purple, I’m in!

Our company culture.
Wine Fridays, working lunches and shoes!

The river valley.
The view from our office is amazing, every window, all 24 of them, how lucky are we?!

Do what you love and success will follow. Stay tuned, 2013 is a new year.

Written by Candice Rookes