Let us find your next prodigy.

We get to know you so you can get to know them. Recruitment Partners discovers, interviews and places exceptional employees into exceptional workplaces. Great people, hand picked, just for you.

Our Experience is Our Foundation

We employ the highest performing and most exceptionally trained recruitment consultants in the industry. With the proven expertise to find the best available candidates, Recruitment Partners is a full service recruitment firm. We make your work better.

KeneXa an IBM Company

We proudly use Kenexa to learn more about your search candidates. This software allows us to assign skills assessments, as well as, occupational personality inventory assessments to each candidate. This tool gives you the power to choose the right candidate with confidence.

“We believe that a true candidate-to-organization match happens when a candidate, or employee, has the right combination of capacity, capability and culture fit to succeed within your organization. Capacity uncovers the innate talents, or reach and drive, a person is born with. Capability defines their acquired skills, education, background and experience, and culture fit discovers how well they fit within the walls of your organization. When these three components are measured independently and stacked up against the unique drivers of your organization, it leads to the most accurate prediction possible.” - Kenexa

Our recruitment process...

  • 1. We Do the Research

    Just as every work place is unique, so is every employee. Recruitment Partners customizes our search criteria for each individual client and candidate to ensure individualized results and longstanding relationships on all fronts.

  • 2. We Identify Potential

    Recruitment Partners has the experience and reputation to strategize and seek out the candidates you need. We recognize appropriate skills and experience and utilize a variety of sourcing methods to find talent in less obvious places. Our network is big and our success stories make it bigger every day.

  • 3. We See Who Fits

    Recruitment Partners employs competency-based, behavioural interviewing techniques, conducted by Recruitment Consultants who have in-depth practical industry experience. Our screening and evaluating process involves a minimum of two supervisory references and additional peer and character reference checks that make sure its not all smoke and mirrors: you are getting a candidate that is a corporate and cultural fit. Guaranteed.

  • 4. We'll Talk You Through It

    Recruitment Partners will provide a short list of candidates we know you need to see. We only present candidates that have the experience you are looking for: people not looking for a job, but a career. Our boardroom is available for you to conduct interviews, or debrief with your personal Recruitment Partner, any time you see fit.

  • 5. We Know Red Tape

    We provide expert and objective assistance, defining the candidate’s requirements and helping to structure final offers. We act as liaison between client and candidate, facilitating a seamless and successful contract and partnership. Recruitment Partners fields any and all hesitations and concerns, making the negotiation process simple and advantageous for everyone involved.

  • 6. We'll Get You Settled

    Our involvement does not cease once the contract is signed. Recruitment Partners is invested in our clients and candidates. We offer coaching and consultation during the onboarding process and maintain regular contact throughout the guarantee period to ensure a smooth transition for both candidate and clients.

  • Commited to Quality

    Commited To Quality

    Recruitment Partners understands what it takes to create success. We research, network and screen all of our candidates to make sure our partnerships have staying power.

  • Specialization


    Recruitment Partners employees an array of professionals that cover the spectrum of industries. This gives us an edge like no other: no matter your need, we've got you covered.

  • Gauranteed Results

    Guaranteed Results

    Recruitment Partners is committed to success. We are not satisfied until you are and we will find you a perfect fit. Every time.