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Dressing the Part: Four Simple Tips

Whether you’re seeking a career in accounting, or perhaps even a position within the IT industry, dressing the part for the job can make or break your interview. After all, considering that the first thing the interviewer will notice is your appearance, this often will greatly affect their initial impression of you. So why not start things off with your best foot (or shoe) forward? Here are some great tips that will help you nail your interview attire and bring you one step closer to landing your dream job.

  • It’s all about the industry.
    You want the give the impression that you are already part of their company. It’s extremely important to do your research, and dress accordingly to the trends in that particular industry. For example, if you are a male candidate going for an interview at a conservative business, then you will want to wear a snazzy suit; ladies, keep it simple yet classy with a pant suit or a matching blazer and skirt combo. On the other hand, if you are applying for a position within a down-to-earth IT firm, then a button-down dress shirt and some neat slacks would work more in your favor.
  • Take It Up A Notch
    Remember that you are competing with other candidates for the position, so put on those chic black heels or grab a new tie. With that being said, do not overdue it! You don’t want to give off the impression that you’re trying too hard or about to hit up a fancy cocktail party at La Ronde. You want to come across as polished and pulled together. It’s all about reaching that perfect equilibrium to show the interviewer that you are making an effort without overdoing it.
  • Keep It Professional
    Ladies, no cleavage! And men, don’t forget to shave! You don’t want to let minor wardrobe malfunctions get in the way of landing you that role. Wash your clothes, iron your shirt and be certain to avoid anything mesh, fishnet stockings, gang-slang tees, and especially b-ball caps. How you dress for the interview truly does say a lot about you, so be certain that your attire is both appropriate and well-fitting.
  • Be Prepared For Disaster
    Unfortunately, sometimes even one tiny detail can have a huge effect on whether you land the job or not. In case the inevitable happens (such as a coffee incident in the car or perhaps even the dreaded ripping of the pants), ALWAYS keep a Tide-To-Go and a needle with thread handy (just ask Joe)! Additionally, it’s a wise idea to ensure that you have an extra tie or pair of pantyhose, as well as a constant stock of breath mints and antiperspirant. Smelling good is just as important as looking the part!