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Counteroffers, DON’T DO IT – Career Suicide

It’s everything you want, career advancement, higher salary, great location and an exciting future ahead of you!  You have carefully thought about your resignation, you have told yourself; “Keep it business, don’t make it personal, short and sweet, don’t offend and don’t burn any bridges”.   The moment you hand in your resignation and tell your boss, you are leaving, she says, “What did they offer you, I will match it, you are valuable to us, we don’t want to lose you!”   But before you accept that counteroffer, consider the following reasons why that last-minute decision could be one of the last decisions that you make with this company.

Don’t do it, from that moment on, everything changes!

The trust is gone – You are officially on the outside looking in now.  Every appointment will be, viewed with suspicion.  It’s easier to keep you with a counteroffer than replace you. The cost associated with replacing you is high and inconvenient.

Think about it – why didn’t they give you the raise and promotion before you resigned, why did it take this for them to make a move?  The raise and promotion your employer is giving you isn’t based on merit, if it was you would have already had it.  Once the crisis has been averted, everything will get back to normal and the status quo!  When the crisis is over, so is the reason to keep you.

Sure it is nice to feel wanted, but don’t expect to stay long!


Ask any recruiter out there and you will hear dozens of stories involving counteroffers. Unfortunately, more and more candidates are experiencing receiving and accepting counter-offers because of the unstable economy. Companies are operating with reduced staffing, tight budgets and it is much easier for employers to sweeten the pot to keep their employees from leaving than to conduct a grueling and expensive search for your replacement. Statistics show if you accept a counter offer, within 6 months you will leave the positon voluntarily or will be let go within the next 12 months.  Accepting counter offers is more than likely an emotional decision rather than an intellectual decision..

In a challenging economy or a highly busy one – counteroffers should never be accepted. . . EVER!

Your employers Perspective!

“I’m shocked. I thought you were as happy with us as we are with you. Let’s discuss it before you make your final decision.”

“I’ve been meaning to tell you about the great plans we have for you, but it’s been confidential until now.

“The V.P. has you in mind for some exciting and expanding responsibilities.”

“Your raise was scheduled to go into effect next quarter, but we’ll make it effective immediately.”

“How can you do this in the middle of a major project? We were really counting on you.” (They’re always in the middle of one.)

What is really going on in their mind!

“This is a terrible time for them to quit!”

“They’re one of my best people. The office morale will never survive it!”

“I can’t work any harder; this will interfere with my vacation plans.”

“This will make me look bad.”


You have already thought long and hard about this; stick to your guns and make a good career choice.  Remember, well-managed companies rarely offer a counteroffer. They will treat you with respect and thank you for the years of service and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

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