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How to Hire Right

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Making the decision to bring in a new person onto your team is an extremely important decision, especially in our economic times, where you don’t have the budget (or time) for a poor hire.

Done poorly, hiring the wrong person can be an extremely expensive mistake that could set you back months and potentially do long-term damage within your team, to say nothing of the external stakeholders that will be negatively affected. Read More…

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To Temp, Or Not to Temp

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Hi! My name is Moe Yassine and I am a Temporary & Contract Recruitment Consultant, here at Recruitment Partners. I work with non-working candidates assisting them in finding interim employment while their ongoing search for a permanent job is active; however, it doesn’t mean that all non-working candidates are eligible to be temporary candidates through a recruitment firm. Read More…

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Counteroffers, DON’T DO IT – Career Suicide

It’s everything you want, career advancement, higher salary, great location and an exciting future ahead of you!  You have carefully thought about your resignation, you have told yourself; “Keep it business, don’t make it personal, short and sweet, don’t offend and don’t burn any bridges”.   The moment you hand in your resignation and tell your boss, you are leaving, she says, “What did they offer you, I will match it, you are valuable to us, we don’t want to lose you!”   But before you accept that counteroffer, consider the following reasons why that last-minute decision could be one of the last decisions that you make with this company. Read More…

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Tips for an effective Skype Interview

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One of our requirements when representing our candidates is conducting a thorough interview to not only understand their skill set but to also understand what they are looking for in their next role. The sense of urgency on the temporary side does not always cater to an in person interview, if so we opt for a virtual interview using Skype. Read More…

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Networking: Step One – Show Up



Step One – Show Up





Step One: Show Up

It sounds simple, yes, but how many times have you been invited to an event and you have every intention to go, and then last minute “something comes up” and you bail?  Probably more often than any of us would like to admit.  Read More…